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Office History

The Office of County Counsel was established by Ordinance No. 261-g on September 15, 1941. It was originally staffed by three attorneys and one secretary housed in a single room of what is now the historic Riverside County Courthouse. Currently, the office employs 46 attorneys and 24 administrative support staff. The main office is located in the Downtown Law Building. Three satellite facilities are maintained throughout Riverside County as well.  Since the inception of the office there have been eight County Counsels:

County Counsels Year
  Minh C. Tran 2022- Present
Gregory P. Priamos 2014-2022
Pamela J. Walls 2009-2014
Joe S. Rank 2005-2009
William C. Katzenstein 1990-2005
Gerald J. Geerlings 1982-1990
James H. Angell 1978-1982
Ray T. Sullivan 1953-1978
William O. Mackey 1949-1953
Earl Redwine 1941-1949

The office has consistently been well-respected in the legal community. Office alumni include the following judicial officers and public attorneys: Michele D. Levine (Riverside County Superior Court Judge), Suzanne S. Sykes (Riverside County Superior Court Judge), Glenn T. Salter (Orange County Superior Court Judge), Leo A. Deegan (Former Riverside County Superior Court Judge), Gerald F. Schulte (Former Riverside County Superior Court Judge), Joyce M. Reikes (Former Riverside County Superior Court Commissioner), Robert Westmeyer (Napa County Counsel), R. Cliff Lober (Former Napa County Counsel), and Jerry Scheer (Former Costa Mesa City Attorney).