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Volunteer Program

The Office of County Counsel is a fast-paced full service public law firm staffed with experienced attorneys who provide advisory, transactional and litigation representation to the County of Riverside and its associated agencies on issues of vital concern, such as health care, public safety, adult and child welfare, land use, real estate, environmental protection, public finance, taxation, public works and elections. This Office’s Volunteer Program offers unpaid student internships and volunteer opportunities at one of its four office locations on a year-round basis. Volunteers are provided the opportunity to explore different areas of law and develop skills to become valuable legal contributors to the local community by working closely with the civil public law attorneys and paralegals. 

The Volunteer will benefit in the following ways: 

  • Gain vital training and practical experience as well as to develop effective legal skills
  • Learn the importance of ethical and professional responsibility in representing the public client
  • Acquire insight into the workings of a law practice for a public agency
  • Facilitate the volunteer’s career planning showing the rewards of working for a public agency
  • Provide opportunity to earn academic credit to further a volunteer’s educational goals
  • Enhance conventional classroom learning methods

Volunteers generally commit to 15-24 hours a week for 3-6 six months. A volunteer will learn basic knowledge of the organization, powers, and limitations of County governmental functions, and of the California Constitution and the principles of civil law, and their application to governmental subdivisions. 

Positions Available

Volunteer Attorney – Volunteer/Post Bar Recent Admission

This candidate must have graduated from an accredited university or college and have been recently admitted to the State Bar of California.

Law Clerk – Student/Graduated & Pre-Bar Admission 

This candidate must be, or have been, a law school student at an accredited university or college who has completed at least one semester of law school. Recent graduates who are waiting for results of the State Bar of California are included in this classification. 

Paralegal – Student/Post Paralegal Certificate

This candidate must be a paralegal student enrolled at least part-time and who has completed at least one semester of a paralegal program at an accredited university or college. Individuals who have recently completed a program and have obtained a paralegal certificate are included in this classification.

Undergraduate Student

This candidate must be currently enrolled as an undergraduate college or university student.

To apply, please, submit a cover letter, resume and a copy of your unofficial transcripts to the Riverside County Counsel’s Volunteer Program Coordinators, see below. The cover letter must clearly state the type of volunteer position for which you are applying. Once your application is submitted, you will be contacted by a Volunteer Program Coordinator. Applicants sit for a personal interview upon invitation and, if a candidate is selected for a position, the candidate must submit the requisite information to Riverside County Human Resources for processing and a background check.

Office of County Counsel Volunteer Program Coordinators
Emily C. Headlee

Deputy County Counsel III - CE

[email protected]

3960 Orange St., Ste 500
Riverside, CA 92501

(951) 955-6300

Melissa R. Cushman

Deputy County Counsel IV - CE

[email protected]

(951) 304-5756

Riverside County Counsel’s Office Volunteer Program Mission Statement

To provide a public law environment for the development and improvement of ethical, professional and legal skills of high-achieving college students, paralegals, law clerks and attorneys while encouraging a career in public service.

The Office of County Counsel supports volunteers committed to Riverside County and seeks to equip its volunteers with vital work experiences, competitive skills and connections to the public sector to aid in securing future employment with the County of Riverside.